In 2010 I started Detroit Hiring after getting calls from hiring managers at a former employer. It was flattering to be asked to continue to support them, after leaving the company.

After a short time, it became clear to me that I could support them as a consultant in ways that I couldn’t as their colleague and just how valuable that could be to their employees and organization. I was able to be more agile in contacting competitors, have more frank conversations and ask innocent or seemingly uninformed questions to inspire creativity and reopen conversations that might not otherwise take place.

The fact that I am not employed by the organizations that engage me has allowed me to gain access and trust that isn’t commonly held by the employer. Furthermore it is clear to all parties involved that my success is measured solely by their success (I get paid only when both of their needs are met).

Overtime these same principles have proven successful in other area of HR consulting. Outplacement Services has been one particular area of growth. Be sure to read more about Outplacement in the “What is… Outplacement?” blog.

The mission of Detroit Hiring is to provide individuals and organizations improved capability through increasing their capacity to do what they haven’t yet, or never thought they could. Maximizing potential by providing key resources is what Detroit Hiring is all about.