Outplacement Services are generally the provision of assistance to laid-off employees in finding new employment. The Detroit Hiring Outplacement Program includes; Personal Career Coaching, Job Leads, Resume Development, 24×7 Support, Interviewing Practice and Job Market Connections.

Who is this for?

For Employers – There are many reasons to choose to offer outplacement to a redundant staff person. Some of the more likely scenarios include:

Civility – Many employers may offer outplacement services in concert with financial benefits in a severance package in exchange for an employee to agree to depart on positive social terms.

Layoffs – When a position is eliminated and the staff member is otherwise a qualified resource, employers should consider a short term offer of outplacement (30 days). This helps the otherwise qualified resource positively consider the employer for future opportunities.

Fallout – Friendships form in the workplace, when one friend leaves they continue to have contact with those that are left behind. When an employer terminates an employee they should consider offering outplacement services to show support of the terminated resource. This will limit the fallout of other staff members that have social connections with the terminated employee.

Discomfort – When a management team has to make difficult decisions, they can commonly be derailed because of personal connections or not wanting to “hurt/harm” someone. Knowing that a qualified resource will be providing vocational services can help to ease the tension of making these important decisions that move your organization forward.

For Individuals – Outplacement can act as your personal employment concierge. Outplacement clients of Detroit Hiring can expect to have a cutting edge resume that will get the attention of perspective employers, receive coaching on applicant tracking systems, phone interviewing, interview etiquette, and timely interview follow-up strategy. You will have access to your coach 24/7 and your coach will also provide personal introductions to employers that are hiring for the positions you are specifically interested in. Coaches also provide career counseling for those that aren’t certain of their career move.  Finally, once you receive an offer, coaches offer support in contract offer/negotiation.

Outplacement services cost $750/mo and can only be retained in full 30 day periods.